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We have 25 years experience building commercial polytunnels, in climates ranging from the cold, wet and wind of the UK, through to the heat and humidity of Barbados. With our wealth of experience in commercial polytunnel designs, structures, linnings and how they perform in particular climates and commercial uses, we believe we are best placed to advise and supply you with the right commercial polytunnel for you

Our polytunnel range

We are suppliers of more than one manufacturer, so our advice will ensure you are buying the best linning and structure for your commercial requirements. For example should you be using a Visqueen or XL polythene linning? We have been fitting these products for 25 yrs and repairing them, so know how durable they are and how they perform in different climates and uses. It might be the case the cheaper option is the best option, we will make sure you get the decision right.

Supply and Fit

We offer a complete service from initial design through to final installation. Just send us brief details of what you are looking for on our "Get a Quote" from and start benefitting from our expertise.

Polytunnel Refurbishment and Repair  

25 yrs experience repairing and refurbishing commercial polytunnels.

Our repair and refurbishment service covers all your polytunnel needs. From supplying and fitting a new lining, through to vent, roll blind, lining, antihotspot tape and timber end repair.

We offer a complete service from initial design through to final installation. For more information regarding our ploytunnels please contact us. If you would like a FREE no obligation quote simply click here

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